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The Coronavirus: How God Can Comfort You in the Midst of Uncertainty

When life feels out of control and anxiety seems to overwhelm you, where do you find your hope, peace, joy and stability?

When the World Feels Unsafe

What do you do when tragedy reminds you of the fragile state of this world?

Prepare Your Heart for Easter

Move beyond the candy and bunnies and prepare your heart for the true meaning of Easter.

Growing your faith

What Will You Lay Down for Lent?

During this season of Lent, allow God to lead you into a time of reflection and surrender. You stand to gain far more than you have to lose.

Stacey Thacker

COVID-19: Join Us in Seeking the Lord

A short video from Cru Vice President Steve Sellers offering encouragement and a call to seek the Lord together during this time of uncertainty with COVID-19.

4 Questions for Anyone Struggling to Pray

Since prayer is our main form of communication with God, prayer itself is the relationship. Here are 4 ways we can look at our relationships with people to learn about our relationship with God.

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