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Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?

Many skeptics say that to believe Jesus rose from the dead is nothing more than a blind leap of faith with no basis in fact. But the facts force us to consider the Resurrection a historical event.

Who Am I? A New Way to Define Identity

Over the course of our lives, each person’s identity is formed and shaped through individual experiences, relationships, culture, media and the world around us. We are constantly defining who we are in any way we can.

What Happens When You Die?

To help you find some answers to this question, let’s explore some different views on this topic, including what the Bible has to say about it.

Growing your faith

Prayer Guide: How to Pray for Our Country

We live in very polarizing times. However, Jesus calls for us to be unified in Him with love for each other. How can we reach this unity?

Christina Delgado Brown

How to Help People on Their Spiritual Journeys

When Jesus changes your life, it’s natural to want to share that hope with the people around you. Here are five ways you can share your faith more effectively.

Faith Eng

26 Great Icebreakers for Your Small Group

Are you looking for ideas to help your small group get to know one another while having fun? Here are 26 great icebreakers for your small group or Bible study.

Chelsea Kight

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